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Joseph Campbell (1904-1987) was an American scholar and writer whose injunction "Follow Your Bliss" is well known. Campbell immersed himself in a life-long study of world mythology and from its recurring motifs and story patterns concluded that humans comprise "one vast, evolving symphony" despite our regional or national differences. Such a view is constructive, relevant and timely.

In June 2007, Genevieve Chornenki inaugurated a Joseph Campbell Mythological Roundtable in Toronto for the purpose of discussing and studying the application of Campbell's work to contemporary life. She has remained active in the leadership and evolution of the Roundtable since then.

The Toronto Roundtable is an informal and voluntary discussion group that meets periodically and follows a simple format derived from Christina Baldwin's book, "Calling The Circle". It conducts respectful dialogue and entertains differing viewpoints without the pressures of doctrine and dogma or the need to reach consensus. Topics and formats vary and sessions relate to myth, folktale, poetry, story, sacred texts and symbols as well as to Campbell's own writings and public lectures.

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